2023 Australian Championships 

Sunday May 7, 2023 - Sunday May 21, 2023

Draft Schedule (Gymnastics Australia website)

MAG (L7-SNR)                                                May 7 - May 13, 2023
WAG (NL 8-10, FI, JI & SI)                             May 7 - May 13, 2023
RG (L10, Sub Jnr-Snr & Groups)                 May 15 - May 21, 2023
AER (L7-Int 18+)                                             May 15 - May 17, 2023
TRP (L5 U13-L7O, Yth, Jnr & Snr Int.)       May 16 - May 21, 2023
ACR (NL 6-10, Jnr & Snr Int.)                       May 19 - May 21, 2023

Please note that these dates are draft and are subject to change by Gymnastics Australia.

Judging Structure & Selection

Judges will be considered for a position on the WA  Australian Championships State Team if they meet the eligibility (section 5) and selection criteria (section 10) outlined in the 2023 State Team Procedure.

Judging positions available on the Team include:

  • MAG Judge
  • WAG Judge
  • RG Judge
  • AER Judge
  • TRP Judge
  • ACR Judge

Not all indicated positions may be selected. The number of available positions on each Team will be determined with consideration to the Team composition.

How to nominate

To be eligible for selection onto the 2023 WA  Australian Championships State Team, you must do the following:

  • Download and read the 2023 Gymnastics WA State Team Procedure (available below)
  • Download and read the 2023 State Team Bulletin #1 (available below)
  • Complete the online nomination form, prior to the due date. Nominations will open the week of January 23.

Key Nomination Dates 2023

  • Nominations OPEN - week of January 23 (Athletes, Coaches, Judges & Team Management)
  • Nominations CLOSE - 5.00pm March 1, 2023

Key Selection Dates 2023

  • Selection Meetings for Athletes, Coaches, Judges & Team Management are scheduled for March 26 & 27, 2023. Nominees are not required to attend these meetings. 
  • The WA Australian Championships State Team will be announced once the selected team has been ratified by the Gymnastics WA CEO and the appeal window has closed and any submitted appeals have been resolved. 


State Team Uniform

The 2023 WA Australian Championship State Team uniform will be the same uniform as the team wore in 2022 inclusive of full tracksuit, female and male leotards.

2023 is the final year of this uniform as Adidas will cease manufacturing this style of uniform from April 2023. Due to this, some sizes may be unavailable at the time of ordering therefore, an alternative size will be provided. 

Judges are not required to purchase or wear any of the WA Team uniform however, are welcome to purchase any item if they like. Any uniform purchase will be at the cost to the individual.  

A catalogue of uniform can be found below. 

Ordering Process
After the WA Team is selected, successful team members will order their uniform online, directly from the supplier, Pro Sportswear. Uniforms will then be delivered via Australia Post directly to athletes from the supplier.

Try-On Sessions
To help facilitate ordering the correct sizes, Gymnastics WA will host a number of uniform try-on sessions in the lead up to nominations closing. These sessions are open to all prospective athletes, coaches, judges and management staff. 

2023 State Team Uniform Try-On Sessions
Monday January 23                 2.00pm – 4.00pm        Hall 1, State Gymnastics Centre

Tuesday January 24                2.00pm – 4.00pm        Hall 1, State Gymnastics Centre

Wednesday January 25           2.00pm – 4.00pm        Hall 1, State Gymnastics Centre

Sunday January 29                  9.00am – 12.00pm      Hall 2, State Gymnastics Centre

Uniform Catalogue

State Team Uniform Catalogue
(Adobe PDF File)
State Team Procedure

The State Team Procedure governs the way that WA Teams are selected and managed. It is extremely important that all prospective State Team Members, and parents/guardians for those under 18, are aware of the information that is contained in the State Team Procedure. Failed to read this procedure can result in problems following selection when a State Team Member takes an action or makes a request which goes against this policy.

Anyone nominating for a position on a WA Team is required to acknowledge that they have read and understand this Procedure.

PLEASE NOTE: An Errata to the 2023 State Team Procedure detailing updates to the WAG, RG & AER Selection Criteria's was released 2 February, 2023. Please ensure you are aware of these changes and read the errata in conjunction with the 2023 State Team Procedure. 

Additional Policies/Procedures

All prospective WA Team Members must also agree to adhere to the below policies/procedures:

  • Social Media Policy
  • Member Protection Policy

All of these policies/procedures can be found below and on the Gymnastics WA website, here.

State Team Bulletins

The State Team Bulletins contain all relevant travel and Australian Championships event information for State Team nominees & members. Bulletin #1 can be found below and is applicable to all gymsports containing information on how to nominate for the State Team and important State Team dates. 

Bulletin #2 is more specific and is for selected Team members. it will be released shortly after the selection of the Team. 

Bulletin #1

Bulletin #1
(Adobe PDF File)

Tour Funding

Judges who are selected onto the State Team are entitled to funding and/or allowances as per the 2023 Gymsport Funding Regulations (below).

As per the Gymsport Funding Regulations, to claim any funding amount the following process must be followed:
  • The applicable Funding Request Form and all Tax Invoices / Receipts (if required) must be submitted to Gymnastics WA in order to receive reimbursement of the funding money. 
  • Funding applications will be submitted to the Gymsport Technical Working Groups for approval. 
  • Applications for reimbursement must occur within 30 days of returning from the event / date of invoice. 

Gymsport Funding Regulations

Gymsport Funding Regulations
(Adobe PDF File)

Roles & Responsibilities - Judges

Relevant Documents
2023 State Team Procedure
(Adobe PDF File)
Member Protection Policy
(Adobe PDF File)
Social Media Policy
(Adobe PDF File)