Teacher Education 

The LaunchPad: Ignite! Teachers Workshop provides teachers with the key tools to be able to deliver gymnastics fundamental movement sessions in schools. 


This professional development workshop is specifically designed by Gymnastics Australia for teachers and aims to give educators the knowledge and resources they need to confidently deliver gymnastics movement programs in schools. 

Workshop Information

  • Duration: 4h (1h online + 3h face to face workshop)
  • Location: State Gymnastics Centre Leederville or contact us if you would like to host the workshop at your school 
  • Cost: $40 online course + $60 face to face workshop 
  • Suitable for Primary or Secondary HPE / classroom Teacher or Principal 
  • Content of workshop: fundamental movement skills, various movements and how vital it is to brain development, linking movement into the curriculum, dominant movement patterns and their relevance to all sport and physical activity
  • Candidates need to create an account on the Gymnastics Australia Learning Management System (LMS) to register for the online and face-to-face component, to begin CLICK HERE



All of the lesson plans in the LaunchPad program have been developed by coaches and teachers for coaches and teachers. The activities are structured to become more complex as the lessons progress, challenging participants but still keeping the fun in mind.

The LaunchPad lessons are accompanied by activity cards to assist in the lesson delivery. The resource is a set of lessons lasting 8 weeks. They can be used as a whole lesson or just parts according to available time.

GymMix Lesson Planner

Designed to assist club coaches and teachers to deliver quality recreational gymnastics programs, the GymMix Lesson Planner allows you to build lessons including Warm Up, Skill Development, Circuits and Cool Down activities in four easy steps. This is a free benefit for all current technical members, teachers who have completed a Ignite! course and all Sporting Schools contacts.  

Visit GymMix Lesson Planner user guide for more information.

Gymnastics for All
Resources include activity cards and lesson plans for KinderGym, GymFun, GymSkills, GymMix and GymAbility GymMix. 
These tailored resources will help coaches and teachers to deliver a fun, safe and challenging fundamental gymnastics programs. They includes information on what activities are recommended for fundamental gymnastics programs, how to use gymnastics equipment, assessment tools, a comprehensive section that covers skill
development and more.

A range of Activity Cards that coaches and teachers can use to provide individual, partner and group activities help to establish independent learning opportunities. A series of Lesson Plans helps teachers to understand how to sequentially develop gymnastics skills and how to organise a gymnastics class, providing appropriate supervision and activity.

The award program is supported with templates to help teachers track student’s progress and certificates for acknowledging progress and special effort.
Gymnastics activities provide students with a unique opportunity to learn about fundamental body management. Developing a range of gymnastics skills and related physical abilities will reduce injury, improve performance for all sporting pursuits and improve life skills. 

Give Gym fro ALL - A - GO! 
More Resources are available from the