Sporting Schools

The Australian Sports Commission's Sporting Schools Program brings schools and sports together to deliver quality sporting programs and inspire primary students to develop a lifelong interest in sport.  Sporting Schools will fund sporting activities, including LaunchPad gymnastics in more that 5,700 schools and provide access to a range of trained community coaches.

 Benefits of LaunchPad Gymnastics program 

  • Expose Gymnastics to more children in schools 
  • Provide opportunities for Australian children to develop their fundamental movement skills
  • Link schools with local clubs 
  • Develop and feature LaunchPad gymnastics clubs on the Sporting Schools online portal 
  • Broaden club participation base 
  • Provide access to professional development opportunities for coaches and teachers 
  • Access funding to support the delivery of gymnastics programs

More information about the LaunchPad Gymnastics program can be found on the LaunchPad website.