North Metro TAFE Experience Gym Warriors

Over a series of three Wednesdays in March, students undertaking their Certificate IV in Sport Development through North Metro TAFE were invited to attend a Gym Warriors Introductory Workshop Series at the State Gymnastics Centre in Leederville.  The students worked through the workshop with Gym Warriors Project Officer Huia McFarland and were given an insight into how the Gym Warriors initiative links directly to the Australian Physical Literacy Framework and the Western Australian Health and Physical Education curriculum.  During subsequent weeks, the students were then given the opportunity to develop a series of stations that linked directly back to a Gym Warriors Skills Card of their choice.  Students were also required to present a further aspect of a lesson plan, for example a warm up, cool down, or group activity.  This is the second year of this style of engagement and it is hoped that the students will accompany our Gym Warriors coaches as they embark on a series of Gala Days across Western Australia to further develop their knowledge and understanding of gymnastics at its fundamental level.


The North Metro TAFE Facilitators were pleased to see the level of engagement from students and enjoyed the opportunity to allow students to present their take on a Gym Warriors circuit. “This type of opportunity is so valuable to our students in experiencing a sport they may not necessarily know much about,” said Sue Smith of North Metro TAFE


Gymnastics WA looks forward to continuing this partnership in education of gymnastics at the fundamental level with providers of higher education in Western Australia.