Athlete's Voice Committee

The Athlete’s Voice Committee is an athlete focused initiative to give our gymnasts the opportunity to be consulted on the delivery of gymnastics within WA. The Committee gathers athletes from a range of gymsports to provide critical feedback about their own experiences across activities and services provided by Gymnastics WA. 

We are proud to introduce our inaugural committee members: 


Lachlan Shellabear

      Rylee Poole  

Lachlan commenced his athlete career as a TRP athlete at the age of 14. Having never done Gymnastics of any kind before, he was surprised at how quickly he was able to develop his skills and went on to represent WA for the first time in 2016. Lachie eventually moved into the International Category at age 17. He retired from TRP in 2021 but has now taken on the role as a base in a Mixed pair in ACR.

Lachie is interested in sharing his experiences to help ensure Gymnastics is a better place for all athletes, from recreational to the top level.

      Rylee began her career as a WAG and TRP athlete as a six-year-old before transitioning into AER a few years later. Competing as both a WAG and AER athlete until 2020, Rylee understands the demands athlete have when balancing sport, study and social priorities. Rylee currently competes as a Senior International AER athlete and has recently taken up ACR too. She has also been involved in ensembles and bands and is a keen classical pianist. 

Rylee is looking to have a greater understanding of the administrative level of Gymnastics and ensuring increased athlete representation.

Rachael Morrison

       Aarav Ronghe  
Rachael is a keen AER athlete, starting at a young age and watching the sport develop and change into adulthood. Rachael's passion to AER extended into her High School years as an AeroSkools athlete. Rachael proudly held the role of State Team Captain in 2019 and is interested in sharing her experiences to see the sport grow.        
Aarav found his passion for Gymnastics as a KinderGym athlete as a four-year-old, moving into the competitive MAG program several years later. He was fortunate enough to be able to take up an opportunity to be part of the MAG High Performance program from 2013 to 2015. He first represented WA in 2017, continuing to hold his place on the team for several years before taking a short break to prepare for his Year 12 ATAR exams. He is also a coach and judge and considers himself to be an excellent team player.
 Jacinta Schweizer      

Tiana Martelli

Jacinta has a broad range of experiences in Gymnastics, being a member of 8 different clubs both in WA and internationally. Her knowledge and passion for the sport, at all levels, shines through her coaching and looks to have a positive influence on her athletes and the athletes she comes into contact with.

Jacinta is looking to develop equity amongst gymsports and the levels that sit within them, from Recreational to Elite.
Starting as a KinderGym athlete, Tiana immediately fell in love with Gymnastics. Tiana worked her way up the Gymnastics ladder, moving from recreational classes to competitive WAG until she was 13. From here, Tiana developed a passion for ACR, competing still. Tiana was a proud member of the first Multi-Club ACR trio in 2021,a milestone for the sport. Tiana has represented WA three times and is hoping to increase that in 2022.

Tiana has been involved in a number of clubs and is looking to share her experiences to ensure future athletes have bigger and better events and opportunities.
Zara Harling

Isabelle McQueen


Zara started gymnastics at the age of three and was lucky enough to have a Gymnastics coach for a mum. Competing in both ACR and WAG from an early age, Zara has had experiences many have not. Her passion for the team aspect of Gymnastics transferred easily into the sport of TeamGym, competing in a range of teams, from Intermediate to Open levels. Zara is also a proud member of a Multi-Club ACR group, continuing the legacy for the Sport.

Zara is looking forward to being on the Athlete's Voice Committee as it feels like the first time the opinions and ideas of athletes will be considered, not just coaches and judges.
      Starting as a KinderGym gymnast, Isabelle was able to move quickly into the competitive WAG program before going on to become a member of the WAG High Performance program. Isabelle retired as a WAG Junior International Athlete at age 13 before moving into ACR as a top. Isabelle is still competing ACR and is looking to make the State Team once again to compete at Australian Championships in 2022.

Having trained at both a recreational and competitive level, Isabelle is looking to share her knowledge and experiences to improve the sport for upcoming athletes.
Joshua Di Nucci


Molly McConnell


Josh began training at the men's high performance centre at the age of 5. As he grew older and developed as a gymnast, he would go on to represent his club, state, and Australia on a number of occasions. In 2016 he received a scholarship to live and train at the Australian Institute of sport. He has since moved back to Perth and despite a number of big injuries is determined to get back to a competitive level over the next few years. Josh is passionate about the mental health and wellbeing of athletes, as they navigate life inside and outside of the gym.      
Molly first started her gymnastics career at the age of 4 In her hometown in Ireland. Once arriving in Australia, the first thing Molly did was find an Artistic Gymnastics club to attend. In 2010, after a couple of years of competing, Molly was scouted for Rhythmic Gymnastics and has never looked back. From competing in group, individual, National and International levels, Molly understands the pressure and drive young athletes have to succeed. This experience has also allowed her to become a coach and a judge and now has enabled her to help the sport grow and provide better support and opportunities for athletes, young and old.


Gymnastics WA would like to thank our ten athlete members for providing their time, knowledge and passion to be part of the committee.
The enthusiasm of the group is already shining through and we look forward to seeing how the group can influence the entire sport of Gymnastics.