Gym Warriors Program in Early Childhood Centres

Gymnastics WA is excited to partner with The University of Western Australia’s KIDDO Program to encourage children to move from a young age through our Gym Warriors program.

Gymnastics WA, with the support of Healthway have partnered with KIDDO to upskill 150 Gymnastics coaches in KIDDO’s 3 hour online training free of charge and deliver fundamental movement sessions to Early Childhood Education and Care services (ECECS) in WA and expand gymnastics programs to children aged 0 - 4 years.

Our pilot program aims to roll out Gym Warriors in at least 10 Early Childhood centres in WA at a heavily subsidised cost to improve children’s skills and confidence in a fun and safe environment!

Programs run once per week, for six weeks and focus on developing fundamental movement such as running, jumping, balancing, catching and throwing.

What is KIDDO?

KIDDO is an evidence-based research program from the University of Western Australia which offers physical literacy programs and resources for educators, coaches and parents to improve the fundamental movement skills of children from 0 – 8 years. Create lesson plans, build your own sessions and access their online training resources based on the latest research from UWA!

What is Gym Warriors?

Gym Warriors is a new participation initiative engaging children and young people through fundamental gymnastics movements and activities, harnessing the proven popularity and broader appeal of parkour, free running, Ninja Warriors and obstacle courses.

Gym Warriors is not just a brand but a philosophy and program which empower clubs to deliver participation activities that add their own local flavour and identity to engage their community.

Through our partnership with KIDDO, Gym Warriors has expanded into Early Childhood centres throughout WA, connecting our Gymnastics and KIDDO accredited coaches with local centres and introducing physical literacy and fundamental movement to young children.

At the completion of the program, participants in respective childhood centres can continue developing their skills they have learnt by joining their local Gymnastics club!

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