The Go for 2&5 Western Australian Junior Gymnastics Championships will be held across two different venues from the 23rd September - 1st October.   The event will feature a wide range of athletes from Men's, Women's, Rhythmic, Aerobic, Trampoline & Acrobatic Gymnastics.  Athletes come from all across Western Australia to compete for their Club and the chance to be crowned as the State Champion in their respective discipline and level. 

This event is an opportunity to celebrate and congratulate every single athlete for their hard work and dedication throughout the competition season.  Spectators will have the opportunity to watch thrilling routines throughout the jam-packed weekends, and there may even be an opportunity to win a prize or two!

Event Specific Details
Dates: 23rd September - 1st October
Event Closing Date: 8th August
Gymsports: MAG, WAG, RG, AER, TRP & ACR

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