Gymnastics Online Database

Gymnastics Online (GOL) is a portal to connect to Gymnastics Australia's national database which allows Clubs the easiest and fastest method of registering athletes and Technical Members the most efficient and effective maintenance of their records and Membership renewal.


How to access Club Admin Home (also known as the Club Admin Portal)

See the user guide attachment below and follow the steps to log into your Club Admin Home page. 

logging into GOL
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How to get a person set up as a Club Administrator

Club Administrators are people who can be nominated by their club to access the Club Admin Portal in GOL (Gymnastics Online).  These users are sometimes referred to as Power Users or Org Admins.

To be set up as a Club Administrator, please contact your Club Development Coordinator at [email protected]  and provide the following details:

  • Name
  • Club
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Address (including street, suburb and postcode)
  • Date of Birth

How to check if someone is set up as a Club Administrator for your club

To check if someone is set up as a Club Administrator for your club:

  1. Go to Club Admin Home
  2. Go to the Reports tab
  3. Open the Club Personnel report
  4. We recommend you export the Club Personnel report to excel as you will see more information than the onscreen report.

The users who have Company Administrator in the relationship column are set up as a Club Administrator for your club

How to register or renew athletes

athlete registration flowchart

How to update athlete details

Please read the attached quick reference guide on how you can update athlete details in your club as a Club Administrator.

Updating athletes details
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How to find your Club’s athletes

To find athletes in your club, please go to Club Admin Home and use one of the following methods:

  • Click on the reports tab:
    1. Scroll down to select one of the available athlete or multi-club athlete reports.
    2. Click on the triangle next to the report name to expand the report.
    3. We recommend you download the report to excel to view more fields.
    4. If you need to update the athlete's record, please click on the hyperlink on their name.
  • Click on the Club Information tab and then scroll down to the Club Athlete Search header
    1. Use the search fields to find athletes who are linked to your Club. This search will display athletes that are current or expired members of your organisation.
    2. To display your entire list, leave all search fields blank and simply click on the Find button below the search screen.
    3. Once your athlete list has displayed, click on an athlete's name to view their profile information or renew their registration.
  • Click on the Administration tab and click on the Club Import button
    1. Click on the the Exports tab
    2. Choose an athlete selection

Click on the 'Create and Download Export file' button