Child Safe Online Training

The 2020 Child Safe Course is available through the learning management system (LMS) for all Technical Members and Club Administrators.

The new child safe course focuses on reporting and responding to allegations/complaints regarding child safety and has been developed in response to community feedback indicating that Clubs and Technical Members wanted more information on what to do and where to go if a disclosure from a child occurred.

The 45min course is specifically designed to be an ongoing resource, that Technical Members and Clubs can refer to at any time. It will be kept up to date to reflect current policy and procedure and GA has extended LMS access to all Club Administrators, making the ability to access the course easier than ever.

To support easy access for all Club Administrators GA have created a user guide explaining the process of creating an account and purchasing courses for your coaches. For Technical Members there is a guide on how to enrol in the new Online Child Safe Course.

As part of GA’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety of all children who participate in the sport of gymnastics, completion of the course is a mandatory requirement for 2020 Club Affiliation and 2020 Technical Membership renewal.

Updating points are also allocated to the course.

For further information and support on accessing the course, please refer to the following links or contact [email protected].

As part of Gymnastics Australia’s (GA) ongoing commitment to child safety, all Technical Members, other than those Technical Members in Victoria* who have completed the Gymnastics Victoria Child Protection Online Course, will be required to complete the GA Child Safety Online Course, prior to 2019 Technical Member renewals.

The GA Child Safety Online Course – developed by Bravehearts, specifically for gymnastics Technical Members – will provide key information about the prevention of harmful behaviours, indicators of harm and support for those affected by child abuse, neglect or sexual assault.

These important child safety topics, covered throughout the online course, will help equip coaches and judges to provide a fun and safe environment for all children and young people participating in gymnastics.

The Child Safety Online Course will take a minimum of 20 minutes to complete and can be accessed at no cost to all Technical Members.

To access the course follow the instructions outlined here.

This webinar - designed and presented by Bravehearts specifically for the gymnastics community - will educate Clubs on important child safety topics and contribute towards creating safer environments for our children and young people.

The webinar covers the following modules:

  • Facts and statistics about child abuse and neglect
  • Definitions of child abuse
  • Indicators of child abuse
  • Sexual behavioural problems
  • Recognising and responding to grooming
  • Protective factors
  • Responding to disclosures
  • Reporting concerns
  • A child protection culture
  • GA and Bravehearts initiatives
  • The webinar will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and can be accessed at no cost to the club or individual.

To access the webinar follow the instructions outlined here.