2 December 2021

Key Dates for Club Affiliation

As the end of the year approaches, it is time to start planning your club's affiliation process for 2022.

We would like to remind all clubs that the Affiliation Process must be completed through Gymnastics Online and affiliation fees paid for in full before starting any gymnastics activities for the new year. This is to ensure that clubs have insurance and support services current for a smooth start to the 2022 season. Both Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics Western Australia staff will be available to assist with clubs where necessary and we suggest clubs familiarise themselves with the process before the end of the year. More information can be found here.

Below is a list of key dates and deadlines that will be important to your club during affiliation time.

Key Dates:

9 December
All member data needs to be imputed into the Gymnastics Online (GOL) database by 10 am on this day. This is also the last opportunity for clubs to download copies of 2021 information, including:

  • Certificate of Currency
  • Athlete list
  • Technical member list
  • Club personnel list
  • Club Affiliation Certificate

This information can be accessed through your Club Admin Portal

10 December - GOL will be offline from 3 am for approximately two hours. The Gymnastics Western Australia office will be closed on this day as staff prepare for 2022.

10 December to 5 January
Access to the following features in the Club Admin portal will be disabled to allow for system updates:

  • Affiliation Certificate
  • Athlete Transfers/Create New Athlete
  • Bulk Create & Update Athlete Registrations
  • Bulk Renew Existing Athlete Registrations

17 December - Gymnastics Western Australia office closes for 2021. Staff will be available until 2pm.

4 January - Gymnastics Western Australia office reopens for 2022.

5 January - The Online Club Affiliation and Athlete Registrations Processes commence for 2022 from 6am. Full access to the Club Admin portal will be available from this time.

31 March - All Unaffiliated clubs will be locked out of GOL from 1.30pm on this day.

We suggest familiarising yourself with these dates to ensure any information you may need can be accessed in a timely manner. Further corresponance from our Club and Member Services Team will come directly via email to clubs over the next few weeks.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above information, about club affiliation or any other club information needed, please contact our team below:

Grace Schmidt                                                Kiri Penter

Club Services Manager                                  Member Services Coordinator

[email protected]                         [email protected]

9228 9399                                                      9228 9399