2 December 2021

Revamped Gymsport Committees & Working Groups for 2022

Gymnastics WA’s volunteer committees are getting a revamp for 2022!

As of January 2022, each gymsport will have a Technical Working Group who will be responsible for all technical matters and projects relating to that gymsport.  Each Working Group will consist of a Technical Director and Judging Coordinator, as well as 2 – 3 Project Coordinators, who will oversee project and activities associated with their gymsport.

The Technical Director and Judging Coordinator for each gymsport will also be part of the new Events & Technical Committee, which will meet with Gymnastics WA staff around four times per year, discussing key items such as:

  • Event Review and Calendar planning
  • Education requirements for each gymsport

 The Terms of Reference for the Events & Technical Committee, including the Gymsport Technical Working Groups, are attached below.

Nominations for Gymsport Technical Working Group positions are now open and will close on Monday 10th January.  Gymnastics WA will be responsible for the appointment of the Technical Director and Judging Coordinator in each gymsport in mid-January.  Once appointed, the Technical Director and Judging Coordinator will then assist with the appointment of the 2 – 3 Project Coordinators on each committee so that the structure of each Working Group, as well as the Events & Technical Committee is confirmed by the end of January.

For any further information on the new Committees and Technical Working Groups, please contact Melissa Read – [email protected]