20 August 2021

Blog: KinderGym For Physical Literacy

The importance of teaching your child to read and write is known far and wide, but do you know much about physical literacy?

Interestingly, the human brain undergoes its fastest period of development between 0 and 5 years. This period is packed full of potential, a time crucial for brain building and physical development. That is why it’s so important to provide children with plenty of opportunities to learn through movement!

For over 40 years, KinderGym has been helping children across Australia to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to live active and healthy lives. KinderGym offers a safe environment for children to develop physical capabilities, cognitive skills and love for physical activity that they’ll carry through life.

KinderGym instils some of the most important aspects of physical literacy, including physical capabilities, a motivation to be active and the social skills that help children enjoy keeping active with others.

Propelling Physical Skills

At first, they were crawling and then they were walking - before you knew it, they were running! As a parent or carer, it’s a truly incredible feeling to watch a child build new physical abilities that they’ll carry through life. KinderGym classes are packed full of exciting activities that encourage little ones to think, create and solve problems using their body. Research has found that little ones learn best when exploring and discovering through physical activity, and KinderGym fosters just that. From jumping and swinging to climbing and running, children develop valuable physical and cognitive skills like balance, mind-muscle coordination and strength.

Fostering A Love For Activity

There’s no denying that regular movement is one of the most important building blocks toward a healthy life. Regular physical activity helps children in so many ways, from physical fitness and better cognition to improved self-esteem and mental wellbeing. In today’s digital age, it can be hard to motivate children to get out and move, which is why starting young is so important. KinderGym helps to foster the positive attitudes that motivate children to lead active lives.

Participating in a gymnastics class that engages and inspires them physically helps children develop a long-lasting love for movement. It ensures that regular physical activity becomes a part of a child’s routine and builds positive habits that they carry through life.

Building Social Skills

Another important aspect of physical literacy is developing social skills that help children feel comfortable being active with others. KinderGym classes are designed to help little ones build skills like collaboration, sharing, leadership and communication. They learn about building positive relationships with others, playing fairly and teamwork - all the while they’re having a blast! KinderGym also provides an incredible opportunity for children to bond with their carer, with active participation from mothers, fathers or carers highly encouraged.

Building Social Skills

KinderGym is an incredible opportunity to harness the potential of the early years. From physical capabilities, positive attitudes and social skills, these classes are designed to propel physical literacy and give little ones the best head start to a happy, active life. Find a Gymnastics WA member club near you!