27 April 2021

KinderGym For Early Development

If you’re a parent, you’ll know that there’s no better feeling than seeing your little one master grow in confidence. From the moment they learn to crawl to those very first steps, we all strive to support our children as they develop. So, how do we provide our little ones with the best head-start in life?

For over 40 years, KinderGym has helped shape Australian children into happy and healthy adults. KinderGym helps to develop the whole child, providing incredible physical, social and mental benefits that they’ll carry through life.

Propels Physical Development
Did you know The Australian Department of Health recommends that children between 1 and 5 have at least 3 hours of physical activity spread throughout the day? Children are born to move! 

Physical activity is crucial for the development of important bodily functions like strength, flexibility and motor skills. KinderGym classes are packed full of activities that are specifically designed for development in these areas. From tumbling, rolling and jumping – children ‘learn by doing’, controlling their body to overcome small challenges and reach new heights. As they move their body intentionally, little ones build greater overall body control, balance and coordination skills!

As well as motor skills, gymnastics encourages the development of a healthy skeletal system. During KinderGym activities, little ones apply a safe amount of pressure on their bones, building their weight-bearing abilities and stimulating bone density for strong and healthy skeletons!

Builds Positive Social Habits
Gymnastics classes offer a safe and inclusive environment where all children are encouraged to participate. Little ones take on new challenges whilst surrounded by other children, teaching them important skills like taking turns, following directions, teamwork and listening. This helps foster an inclusive social environment where children practice interacting socially and have a blast!

KinderGym classes also provide incredible opportunities for parents and little ones to bond. Parents tend to be quite involved in KinderGym classes, especially for the very small bambinos! Parent involvement can help children feel more comfortable when taking on new challenges, build amazing trust between family members and provide awesome opportunities for memories to be made. 

Improves Mental Wellbeing
KinderGym helps little ones build a positive self-image and improves self-esteem during important developmental phases. As they participate in gymnastics, children are exposed to a variety of stimuli and encouraged to take on new challenges. The positivity that they receive as they try new things, persevere during challenges and master new skills helps to propel their confidence and self-belief!

Gymnastics also helps children to understand discipline from an early age. When parents and children commit to attending training, little ones learn about schedules and commitment. On top of this, gymnastics further cements children’s respect for discipline, as they’re taught about behaving safely and following instructions.

Give Them an Incredible Head-Start!
As you can tell by now, KinderGym is more than just exercise, it’s about developing the whole child!

KinderGym helps children to develop valuable behaviour, knowledge and confidence that’ll help them live a happy and healthy life. Gymnastics focuses on ongoing growth and lifelong learning through movement. With all of the wonderful physical, social and mental wellbeing benefits, give your little one an incredible head start with KinderGym. Find your nearest club here!