02 October 2020

Gymnast Bounces into AFLW Success

Claremont midfielder Bella Lewis is primed for selection in the West Australian pool of the NAB AFLW Draft, and while footy is where she feels she belongs, years of trampolining and gymnastics have built her core strength.
Former Gymnastics Western Australia State Team member Bella Lewis, did gymnastics from a young age, transitioning into Trampoline Gymnastics and competing at a national level. Bella is now using those fundamental skills learnt through gymnastics to take on the footy field. Being a powerful athlete, Lewis loves to run and uses her strength, endurance and balance to chase down the football.
Bella spoke with AFLW Journalist, Sarah Black stating "I did gymnastics from a young age then made the shift to trampolining. It was a lot of fun, and it got me really strong. To be honest with you, it was great for core and shoulder strength."
The 17-year-old is now aiming to be picked up in the NAB AFLW Draft, with her gymnastics family cheering her on. To read the full article with AFLW, click here.
This is just another example of where gymnastics can take you #StartHereGoAnywhere