Fitter for Life rolling out in WA!


With support from Gymnastics Australia through the Sport Australia Move It AUS Better Ageing Grant, Gymnastics WA is delighted to be conducting an initial coaches workshop to introduce Fitter for Life into local gymnastics clubs.


Fitter for Life is a fun and social opportunity that aims to help seniors improve their mobility, strength and coordination. Activities in the program can be tailored to different levels of ability.

The skills developed in Fitter for Life can benefit participants in common activities, such as:

  • Walking up and down a flight of stairs
  • Hanging out the washing
  • Bending down or reaching up into cupboards; and
  • Playing with grandchildren


We will be delighted to welcome highly experienced presenter, Frances Crampton AM (Fitter for Life Coordinator, Gymnastics NSW) to deliver our first coaches and presenters workshop.


Workshop details:

Sunday 8 March at Peak Trampoline, Subiaco

Coach Workshop -  8.30am-12pm | Cost $30

Presenter Workshop - 12.30pm-1.30pm | Free

Both workshops now available on the LMS


What level of coach do you need to be?

Intermediate coach accreditation or higher in any Gymsport


What to bring?

  • Resistance band
  • Free weights
  • Rhythmic size ball
  • Large towel
  • Water


For any queries, please contact the Participation team at