23 August 2019

Eva Kierath Tells Her Story to The West Australian 

West Australian athlete Eva Kierath is confident a small fracture in her back will not cost her an opportunity to compete at next year's Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The 24 year old trampoline gymnast from Peak Trampoline, Subiaco, spoke with Mitchell Woodcock from the West Australian newspaper last week, discussing all things from general day to day training schedules to upcoming international travel. 

Eva has spent the last few weeks on the sidelines, in recovery mode to ensure she is fit for November's World Championships - which will be held in the same city as next year's Olympic Games. Eva hopes to return to the world stage before November, attending both the Russian and Spain World Cup events next week.

Eva told the West "November is a long way away and it is a very small fracture. At this point, I am not too stressed about the situation. Psychologically I am doing a lot of preparation on my routine so that when I can jump again, I will be ready."

Despite all this pressure, Eva believes she will be prepared for the upcoming international events, leading towards Olympic qualification. 

Click here to read the full article - written by Mitchell Woodcook (The West Australian)