Gymnastics WA Regional Plan Update - Winter 2019


This is a quarterly report to provide an update in the role-out of Gymnastics WA’s Regional Plan.  The update is available to all stakeholders such as Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) and all Gymnastics Member Clubs in WA, including regional and Perth based clubs.  The purpose of the report is to inform and engage; Inform where Gymnastics WA currently sits with the process and Engage to gather feedback on upcoming decision points.  Appreciating that Gymnastics WA are dealing with a time-poor community, the updates are designed to be succinct with further information available on request.


With the input from the regions, both via email and in person, the past three months has seen the boundaries changed and support established.

Identify Gymnastics WA Regional boundaries

Liaising with Clubs and Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) in a range of areas has outlined difficulties with the implementation of the initial recommended boundaries.  Rather, the new proposal from clubs is to closer align boundaries with DLGSC districts.  To that end groups are now reflective of:

  • Southern Region: Wheatbelt and Great Southern, plus clubs in Esperance and Walpole;
  • South West Region: South West, minus Walpole Gymnastics Club;
  • Central Region:, Mid West and Kalgoorlie; and
  • North West Region: Pilbara, Kimberly, Gasgoyne.

Note that these divisions are not set in stone and are subject to additional feedback, however the resultant groupings have been included in the attachment.

Meet with DLGSC

Representatives of the South West, Wheatbelt, Pilbara and Great Southern have all been liaised with recently to provide input as to the roll-out of the plan and opportunities that arise.  The DLGSC is working with Gymnastics WA to ensure that the support currently provided to the regions is continued under the revised structure.

The next stage of the project will see Gymnastics WA continue to engage with clubs regarding regional allocations and draft terms of reference for steering committees including:

  • Committee Structure
  • Purpose – (eg. To establish Regional Committee for the development, growth and delivery of gymnastics in region)
  • Frequency of Steering Committee Meeting
  • Duration the steering committee shall be established for
  • Any delegation the regional committee may have.


In addition to liaising with the DLGSC, Gymnastics WA will engage with each regional club in order to discuss any concerns and opportunities they may have and see with their allocation, and what they would like to see from a regional committee.  These discussions will directly link to working with the current Regional Associations to establish Terms of Reference.

At this point, Gymnastics WA welcomes feedback on the regional allocations of clubs, and invites feedback outside the official channels on the concerns / opportunities that are arising, and the direction / purpose of the regional committee.

If feedback can be forwarded in the first instance to or via phone to 9228 9399.

Further if you have any questions or comments, or would like further information on the proposed roll out and rationale of the regional plan, please feel free to contact Milton Brooks at the above points of contact.

Club allocations


South West


North West

  • Albany PCYC
  • Denmark Gymnastics Club
  • Dumbleyung Gymnastics Club
  • Esperance Twilight Aerials Gymnastics Academy
  • Flip Zone
  • Great Southern Gymsports
  • Jacaranda Gymnastics
  • Lake Grace Gymnastics Club
  • Narrogin Gymnastics Club
  • Northam PCYC
  • Walpole Gymnastics Club
  • Wongan Gymnastics Club
  • Bunbury PCYC
  • Collie PCYC
  • Gravity ETC
  • Harvey PCYC
  • Horizon Gymnastics Club
  • Jazz Attack
  • Batavia Coast Gymnastics
  • Geraldton Gymnastics Club
  • IRC Gymnastics
  • Kalbarri Gymnastics Club
  • Kalgoorlie PCYC


  • Exmouth Gymnastic Club
  • Gascoyne Gymnastics Club
  • Hedland Gymnastics Club
  • Karratha Gymnastics Club
  • Kununurra Gymnastics Club
  • Pearl Coast Gymnastics Club
  • Tom Price Gymnastics Club