Winning Weekends!

After two busy weekends of competition, the Go for 2&5 Western Australian Junior Gymnastics Championships concluded on Sunday evening.  

Week 1 of the Championships contained Men's (MAG), Women’s (WAG) and Aerobic Gymnastics (AER) and was held from the 11th – 14th October at the State Gymnastics Centre. The competition featured athletes in Levels 2 – 6 in MAG, State Levels 3 – Open in WAG and Levels 3 – 5 in AER.  Week 2 of the Championships featured up and coming talent in WAG, Rhythmic (RG), Trampoline (TRP) and Acrobatic (ACR) Gymnastics and was held at the State Gymnastics Centre and Lords Recreation Centre (TRP) from the 18th – 21st October.

Both weekends were action packed with close to 1200 competitors across the six gymsports as a result of the inclusion of the MAG & WAG State Levels athletes into this event for the very first time.  As the pinnacle event in the competition season for our junior level athletes, the event did not disappoint, with several athletes proving that they have got what it takes to progress through to the higher levels in their chosen Gymsport.  There were a wide range of athletes competing, from the cute little 6 years olds competing at their first big State Event, to some of our seasoned adult competitors in both Acrobatic and Trampoline Gymnastics, proving that gymnastics is a sport for all ages and abilities.  

An event of this size would not be possible without the tireless efforts of not only the clubs, but also of our wonderful volunteers.  Gymnastics WA would like to thank everyone who helped to make the event special for the athletes, in particular the Announcers and Floor Managers for each session.  Your dedication to Gymnastics in WA is most appreciated.  Thanks also to our sponsors GKD Gymnastics and Prime Trophies for supporting the event, selling leotards and gymnastics merchandise and engraving medals for the lucky winners.