Regan's High Performance Grant Experience

At the end of 2016, Perth National Centre of Excellence Coach Regan Molyneaux travelled to Brisbane for a two day clinic held by Gymnastics Australia. The clinic was aimed at developing High Performance Coaches and building High Performance Teams for the 2020 Olympics and beyond. 

Regan joined selected Senior Development Coaches and Head Coaches from MAG and WAG programs around Australia, who are currently coaching athletes aiming for the 2018 Commonwealth Games and 2020 Olympic Games

The two day workshop included theoretical and practical examples on building high performance teams. Coaches learnt about determining personality styles and behaviors in order to deliver the most effective, tailored coaching to athletes, and develop teams based on these profiles. Along with workshops on mindfulness and altering coach behavior, the course equipped Regan with the ability to create professional development plans for coaches as well as athletes. 

This experience provided Regan a great opportunity to develop her skills to enhance High Performance Gymnastics in Western Australia.  Regan was formerly a coach at the Western Australian Institute of Gymnastics Program and was recently appointed the position as Senior Development Coach at the Perth National Centre of Excellence. 

Reflecting on her experience, Regan commented: ‘I would like to thank Gymnastics Western Australia for the financial support, and would like to encourage aspiring High Performance coaches to contact me at the Perth National Centre of Excellence so I can share and develop the knowledge I gained at these workshops’.

The 2017-2018 round of High Performance will be open shortly, and GWA will accept submissions throughout the year. To discuss opportunities for using GWA High Performance Grants, please contact Georgia Heydon at