Following on from an action-packed first week of Men's & Women's Artistic Gymnastics, Week 2 of the 2017 Australian Gymnastics Championships kept the excitement going, with Athletes competing in Rhythmic, Trampoline & Acrobatic Gymnastics.  With three different gymsports competing at Melbourne's Hisense Area at the same time, there was plenty of fantastic gymnastic performances for spectators to enjoy over the final week of competition from 31st May - 4th June.

Gymnastics WA sent a team of 62 Athletes, 10 Coaches, 8 Judges and 8 Management Staff over to his major event, with team members producing some fantastic results during the competition, with many medals and personal best performances.  Notable results from our athletes are listed below:

Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG)
Level 9
Janecca Morris (Vital) - 4th Ball

Trampoline Gymnastics (TRP)
Under 11
Mia Graham (Southern Star) - SILVER Tramp, SILVER Double Mini, 4th Tumbling 
Alannah Boseley & Sienna Williams (High Flyers) - 5th Synchro
Caitlin Northmore (High Flyers) - 6th Tumbling

Under 13
Dylan Nolan (High Flyers) - SILVER Double Mini
Oscar Lorbeer & John Van Beek (Peak) - BRONZE Synchro

Under 15
Alec Munro (High Flyers) - SILVER Tramp
Alec Munro & Lachlan Goodwin (High Flyers) - 4th Synchro
Roman Kirby (High Flyers) - GOLD Tumbling
Mackenzie Jones (High Flyers) - SILVER Double Mini
Indiana Bamford (Southern Star) & Olivia Webster (High Flyers) - 4th Synchro

Under 17
Joshua Goodwin (High Flyers) - SILVER Tramp
Christian Lambie (Southern Star) - 4th Tramp
Travis Kikalis (High Flyers) - 5th Tramp
Adam Paolo (High Flyers) - BRONZE Double Mini
Joshua Goodwin & Travis Kikalis - GOLD Synchro
Christian Lambie (Southern Star) - SILVER Synchro
Francesca Strangio (Peak) - 5th Tramp, BRONZE Tumbling
Francesca Strangio & Alice Warner (Peak) - 5th Synchro

Connor Dique (High Flyers) - 4th Tramp, 5th Double Mini
Damian Draper (High Flyers) - BRONZE Double Mini
Connor Dique & Damian Draper - 6th Synchro
Sarah Jones (High Flyers) - 5th Double Mini
Kayla Nel (High Flyers) - 4th Tumbling

Lachlan Robertson (High Flyers) - GOLD Tramp
Liam Jeans (High Flyers) - 5th Tramp, 4th Double Mini
Dylan Nolan - 6th Tramp
Dylan Scanlon (High Flyers) - 6th Double Mini
Dylan Nolan & Dylan Scanlon - SILVER Syncrho
Liam Jeans & Lachlan Robertson - BRONZE Synchro
Mackenzie Jones - BRONZE Tramp
Lara Reeves (High Flyers - 5th Tramp
Mackenzie Jones & Kira Marlow (HIgh Flyers) - 6th Synchro

Kai Torsvik (Southern Star) - 4th Tramp, 4th Double MIni
Keara Nel (High Flyers) - GOLD Double Mini
Sarah Jones (High Flyers) & Leanne Harrison (Southern Star) - 4th Synchro

Jack Petrie (High Flyers) - 4th Double Mini
Curtis Booth (High Flyers) - 6th Double Mini
Eva Kierath (Peak) - GOLD Synchro

International Female Tramp Team (Eva Kierath, Leanne Harrison, Sarah Jones & Lara Reeves) - GOLD
International Female Double Mini Team (Leanne Harrison, Kayla Nel, Keara Nel & Olivia Webster) - SILVER
International Male Double Mini Team (Curtis Booth, Jack Petrie, Avi Margolis & Kai Torsvik) - SILVER
Aged Team - 3rd Overall
International Team - 3rd Overall

Congratulations to all athletes who represented WA during Australian Championships for their outstanding achievements during the competition.  A massive thanks to all of the Coaching and Management staff for their efforts in preparing the athletes and making sure that they were able to perform to the best of their ability.  Thanks also to our hard-working judges for officiating so well throughout the event.

Can't wait to do it all again in 2018 :)