19 May 2017

Rhythmic Gymnastics athletes medal in Dubai

Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy (RGA) athletes Giorgia Chin (Jnr) and Molly McConnell (Snr) came back to Perth with gold and bronze medals from their first International competition in Dubai last weekend.
Giorgia, Alexandra Synnerdahl (Jnr) and Molly competed at the 1st International Emirates Cup, Dubai on 13th May. For the three girls this was their first international competition. The inaugural event saw the large participation of 370 gymnasts in different divisions from 25 countries. Gymnasts travelled from all over the world from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Egypt, India , Norway and many more.
Giorgia won the gold in ribbon and Molly secured the bronze in clubs. 

The girls also had the privilege to attend a Master class with the 2016 Rio Olympic Games Champion Margarita Mamun and her coach Amina Zaripova. 

Giorgia, Alexandra and Molly are in their final stage of preparation for the 2017 Australian Championships in Melbourne in June. Best of luck girls.