RG Technical Committee Casual Vacancy

Within the RG Technical Committee, two casual vacancies has recently become available. The committee are looking for volunteers to become the RG Technical Director and RG Coaching Coordinator with an interest in improving / growing the gymsport in many different ways.

If you or someone at your club is interested in becoming the new RG Technical Director or the RG Coaching Coordinator of the 2017 RG Technical Committee for the period of the 29th May – Dec 2017 Annual Technical Committee Forum. Please complete the correct application form below. Deadline for all applications is Wednesday 24th May 2017.

Please Click Here for the Technical Director application Form.

Please Click Here for the Coaching Coordinator application Form (Please be aware that the casual vacancy is for the RG Coaching Coordinator. The form is designed for all gymsports and all position).

Please Click Here for the Gymsport Technical Committee Regulations.

The Technical Committee is responsible for the promotion and growth of each gymsport, with tasks including (but not limited to) the production of the Technical Regulations & Event Handbook, setting of Event & Education dates on the GWA Calendar and the creation of new initiatives within each gymsport.  Each Technical Committee meets at least 4 times per year (higher for some of the larger gymsports), with all meeting dates listed on the 2017 GWA Calendar.  Meetings are primarily held at the Gymnastics WA Office, located inside the State Gymnastics Centre in Leederville.

RG Technical Director Role:

The Gymsport Technical Director is responsible for all matters related to the administration and implementation of GWA policies for their respective Gymsport. This is done in conjunction with GWA. This shall include but not be limited to:

  • Implementation and administration of technical matters, specified in the Gymsport Technical Regulations and Event Handbook.
  • Ensure that the overall technical direction and focus of the sport is consistent with the GWA strategic objectives.


In addition to the above, the Technical Director is also required to:

  • Attend all scheduled and relevant meetings. This includes the GWA Gymsports Meetings.
  • Chair meetings, Technical Committee Annual Forum and State Team Selection Meetings.
  •  Attend the annual GA Advisory Meeting.
  • Submit written reports as required by GWA.
  • Check minutes and agendas for each TC meeting.
  • Attend events pertaining to their respective gymsport discipline (as required).
  • Ensure that all requirements with respect to the conduct of gymnasts, judging, coaching and other personnel are observed.
  • Be available to be consulted or liaise between Judging Co-ordinator (JC), Coaching Co-ordinator (CC), coaches and their gymnasts and other competition officials when called upon.
  • Liaise with the National Commission.  
  • Have overall responsibility for the production of the following technical documentation for your discipline:
    • Technical Regulations
    • Event Handbook
    • Event Calendar
    • State Team Selection Criteria.
  • Prepare gymsport specific Annual Award Nominations.
  • Pursue the best interest of the sport, Association and its members, performing their duties impartially, with professionalism, objectivity and integrity.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest. Where such conflicts do arise, the TD must act within the terms of the Statement of Purpose and Rules of the Association.
  • Be loyal and supportive to the Association.
  • Should be forthright in scheduled meetings and have a duty to question, request information, raise any issues, and fully canvas all aspects of any issue confronting the Association, and cast their vote on any resolution according to their own judgement. The committee will always work towards reaching a consensus on all matters in the first instance.
  • Observe the confidentially of non-public information acquired by their in their role as TD.


    RG Coaching Coordinator Role:

    Responsible for providing support necessary to enable gymnasts to develop and compete at State and National events. Position responsibilities shall include but not be limited to:

  • Attend all scheduled and relevant meetings.
  • Act as a selector on the State Team Selection Committee as outlined in the GWA State Team Policy
  • Submit written reports as required by GWA.
  • Liaise with GWA regarding the education of coaches.
  • Liaise with the GWA office in the development of appropriate education workshops.
  • Be available for individual coaches to consult where necessary.


    In addition to the above, the Coaching Coordinator is required to:

  • Have knowledge of general judging requirements.
  • Liaise with the National Commission.
  • Represent the State at National Coaching meetings where applicable.
  • Attend events and hold coaches briefings where appropriate.
  • Develop coach briefings to be delivered at the Gymsport events.
  • Form a sub-committee as required to assist in developing coaches in WA.
  • Liaise on a regular basis with clubs who have competitive athletes.
  • Attend HP Forums as required.
  • Liaise with clubs with HP athletes regarding any International Levels rule changes or trends.
  • Visit/ meet with clubs who have HP programs at least once a year for consultation and/or advice.
  • Collating and updating information regarding Australian representation, International travel and WA athlete results from International competitions.