Sport and recreation clubs are the lifeblood of communities. 

In many ways, clubs are a focal point for communities, whether they are in the city or country. Research shows sports clubs and community organisations help to develop social capital and are good barometers of community strength and health.

Clubs strengthen communities

Clubs are meeting places where we can find the company of like-minded people. We make friends, we share experiences. Valuable social networks develop through shared sporting experiences and aspirations.

Clubs enable members of a community to be linked by a common bond - their participation in that club.

For many, forming friendships and a sense of belonging are powerful reasons to become involved and remain active in sport.

Clubs are community. They are an investment, the social capital that helps build and shape our society.

Building a club

While the value of clubs should be easy to understand, they just don’t happen. It takes a lot of work to build and maintain a club (and not just the bricks and mortar). This is especially the case today, when you consider the rules and regulations necessary to operate a club.

The Department has an extensive network of experts who can help with running a club and have experience across more than 20 different operational aspects.

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