Working With Children Checks (WWCC)

Certain volunteers over 18 years, paid employees and self-employed persons carrying out “child related work” are required to have a WWCC.
Some people will be exempt, for example, volunteers under 18 years and parent volunteers who have children involved in the same club.  For further information please see the 
'Do you need a WWC Check' guide or the GWA WWC Check Flowchart.
To apply, obtain a WWCC form from Australia Post ( not available for download). For current fee's please visit  the WWC website.  For assistance completing the form see the 'Step by Step Guide'.
Clubs are required to keep a record of all employees and volunteers WWC cards.  A Working with Children Recording Template  is available to assist clubs.
Visit the WWCC website for more information
Negative Notice
People who apply for a WWC Check will be issued with either an Assessment Notice (in the form of a WWC Card), or an Interim or Negative Notice.  A Negative or Interim Negative Notice prohibits a person from undertaking child-related work in WA. 
Employers/coordinators must NOT employ someone in child-related work if you are aware they have a current Interim or Negative Notice. It is important this information be treated sensitively.  This means advising only those who need to know to ensure that the person does not carry out child-related work.   Please contact GWA for assistance if you receive a negative notice.  Please note that this information is given as a guide only. For further information visit


Volunteer National Police Check / Police Clearance

The criminal history checked in a Working with Children Check is only relevant to their interaction with children. It is not a full check of all convictions. Employees and volunteers also perform other duties such as driving buses, working with the disabled or managing money, where it is considered important for a police check to be undertaken.  Employees should be asked to supply a National Police Clearance.  Volunteers can complete a Volunteer National Police Check, the process for clubs is outlined below.

Volunteer National Police Check Process
  • Club asks volunteer to complete Part A and B of Application for Volunteer National Police Check form giving permission for the check.  Form available from
  • Club checks volunteer’s Proof of Identity as outlined on form.
  • Club completes Part C of form
  • Club sends copy of Application for Volunteer Police Check form and $11 fee per application to GWA.  (No charge if they already have a current WWCC)
  • GWA stores applications in accordance with Privacy Statement for 2 years.
  • GWA completes Police Excel Spreadsheet and emails to Police.
  • Police reply to GWA by email within 5 days – advising if there are any Serious or Minor criminal convictions or any Traffic conviction
  • GWA advises Club

Safe Clubs 4 Kids

GWA, and our affiliated clubs supports the 'Safe Clubs 4 Kids' project.  This project is being conducted by the WA Sports Federation in conjunction with the WA Police, Surf Life Saving WA, DSR and WWC Screening Unit.
The program aims to increase awareness of Child Protection in sport and recreation and reiterate that it is everyone's responsibility to keep children safe from harm. The Safe Clubs 4 Kids program is designed to give all our members, the knowledge and skills to identify possible child abuse and what should be done in a case where a child discloses abuse to club staff or volunteer.
There are four main learning outcomes of this project:

  • How to create safe environments
  • Understanding child abuse
  • Understanding responsibilities of clubs/associations (in the area of Member Protection
  • Understanding the role of a reporting officer

Safe Clubs 4 Kids Brochure

Please contact Paula Dick if you would like any further information

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