National Principles - Return to Training Guidelines

'As attention excitedly turns to reopening our clubs, along with the essential hygiene and cleaning regimes require, it is also essential to consider the physical and mental wellbeing of athletes returning to training after time away from the gym. To assist clubs in this area, Gymnastics Australia has launched its National Principles – Return to Training Guidelines to support coaches and athletes at all levels and across all gymsports to have a safe and enjoyable return to training.

The Guidelines provide a framework to assist coaches to assess and develop training schedules that ensure athletes have a staggered and incremental return to full training load, to mitigate the risk of injury and illness.

They have been split into three categories to cater for high performance, competitive and recreational athletes and recognises that the timeframe to return to full training will differ depending on the amount of training athletes are accustomed to, what they have been able to do in their time away from the gym and what their short and mid-term goals are.

The Guidelines encourage coaches to consider not only their athlete’s physical but also their emotional wellbeing and we encourage coaches to have regular check-ins throughout the return to training process to monitor the individual’s mental health.

To develop these Guidelines, GA’s High Performance team assembled a working group that included our Chief Medical Officer, national team physiotherapists and strength and conditioning coaches as well as representatives from the AIS medical and strength and conditioning teams in order to provide the best evidence-based advice to assist coaches.

It is important to note that this document does not replace the specific advice of health professionals or any relevant federal or state government policies.

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